37 Reasons

Each One Matters
So, why a name like “37 reasons”? For us here at Eyes Wide Open International (EWOI), it’s a reminder to narrow our vision and focus on what God has put in front of us. It’s not hard to find people who are in need; desperation surrounds us everywhere we look. It’s in every nation, on every corner, and often times in our own living rooms as many of us in the US struggle to take care of our own families. It can be overwhelming. Where do we even begin? Sometimes, it feels easier just to close our eyes and not think about it.

We at EWOI realize we can’t address all the needs of the world at once, but we’ve chosen to open our eyes and do what we can. As we partner with God in response to His love for us, we CAN make a drastic difference in the life of an orphaned child, or at risk child. So, we begin… here, with 37 children in Haiti who desperately need someone… somewhere… to fight for them. We are asking you, will you choose to open your eyes and join us in the fight, because each one matters?

Family Matters
We’ve all seen programs to help the less fortunate children of the world. We want to build on what others have done and do things a little differently. We not only want to care for the physical, educational, and health needs of these children, we want to care for their hearts.

As orphans, the biggest need they have, outside of the love of Jesus, is family. Orphan-hood is not natural to humanity. We were designed from day one in the Garden of Eden to be children, to be part of a family, and to live without family is violent to the human heart.

Recognizing this, we want to help foster a relationship where you are more than just a name-less, face-less donor; a relationship where you become part of this child’s extended family despite the fact that you may live on separate continents. Families come in all shapes and sizes and can sometimes be connected in unusual ways, and we want to help you to truly connect with this child.

Commitment Matters
If you’ve decided that you would like to be a part of what we are doing, we ask that you prayerfully choose one of the children whose pictures are located on the Photo menu of this website titled “37 Reasons”.

It is our hope that the relationship you build with this child will last for years to come. Throughout this journey, we will strive to offer new and creative ways for you and your child to connect and build a relationship that will hopefully last a lifetime.

Get Started
It’s simple to get started. Go to the photo section of this website and choose a child. Then decide the role you’d like to play in their life: provider of basic needs (food, clean water, & hygiene), provider of education, or provider of health/wellness (medical, dental and nutritional supplements).

Choose the level you want to participate:
You’ll see that we’ve broken down the financial options into different levels to make it
possible for you to get involved no matter your circumstances.

BASIC NEEDS: $60/Month $30/Month $15/Month

EDUCATION: $50/Month $25/Month $10/Month

NUTRITION: $30/Month $15/Month

PAYMENT OPTIONS: There are three ways you can give to support the child you have chosen: Automatic, On-line and Check. We are hoping that you will put considerable thought into choosing the Automatic gift option. Eyes Wide Open International is a grass roots organization and the Automatic monthly option will allow this program to be more administratively efficient, effective and sustainable.

We are excited that you are joining our “37 Reasons”family.
We may not be able to change the world, but together we can drastically change the life of this ONE.

The information below is needed to begin to process your gift as well as your giving method. Choose your giving method then copy and paste the selected information into a Word document and mail it to 5000 Arlington Centre Blvd., Columbus, OH 43220 or email as an attachment to contact@eyeswideopenint.org. If you choose to give On-line, go to the give section of this website and click online. This will take you to Into the Field’s website. Select Eyes Wide Open International then follow the instructions. In the notes section of PayPal type the child’s name. This method of giving will have to be re-done every month. For questions, or to request a hard copy of the”37 Reasons” project, email nbompart@eyeswideopenint.org or 614.561.5834.

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Please make your tax deductible gift payable to “Into the Field”.
In the memo include Eyes Wide Open International (EWOI). Mail checks to Eyes Wide Open International, 1161 Bethel Rd, Ste 101, Columbus, OH 43220. EWOI is an approved Ministry Charity Project of Into the Field, EIN #26-2692045. All contributions are irrevocable gifts under the direction and control of the Into the Field Board of Directors, but will be restricted